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Developing a new online persona to shake up a predictable market

Social media Boss illustrationAnimation


  • Help a B2B consulting company stand out in the traditional world of HR
  • The final effort needed to work across all digital, and social efforts


  • Developed a strategic plan for a new satirical/humor environment that highlights the ridiculousness of current management techniques
  • The environment was based on a new cartoon charter/world called Pete Purpose
  • The cartoon series made fun of current employee perks; highlighting issues while raising awareness
  • Project also involved a custom online game show “Name that Perk”
Social media design

The site allows disenfranchised employees and HR managers to sound off in a fun, comedic way; sharing silly perks and ineffective ideas from their work. The campaign stars a newly developed character “Pete Purpose”, who highlights the ineffectiveness of perks at his company. His presence is the mouthpiece of the site, as well as the star of a weekly satirical comic series on the topic.

The idea was developed to softly promote Blessing-White’s ‘Employee Purpose’ consulting business. Using humor was a first for this market, and helped the client stand out from their competitors in a very unique and memorable way.


Planing documents wireframes personas

– Created & pitched overall concept

– Developed the characters and their personas, directed illustrations

– Planned and wrote all site content

– Concept/Created online game show to increase interaction

– Created all UX and Admin functionality plans



PnP Character design concept

Cartoon Series

watercooler with purpose

Website & Online Game Show

Website and game design WordPress

Social Media